Professional relationships and strategic alliances form the network of the AQS knowledge base of the insurance industry. It is through these partnerships and professional networks that AQS continuously stays abreast and remains a source of regulatory, acquisition, marketing, niche business, employment and expansion opportunities.

Our understanding of actuarial science and modeling gave rise to our proprietary PALM and next-generation PERM systems. Deployment of these systems and immersion into client operating results has given us focus on accounting practice and procedure - one of our founders holds the CPA and CFA designation.

Professional training in financial engineering, optimization and a deep understanding of capital markets and systems from both the buy-side and sell-side augment our effort.

Consulting relationships, conferences and industry publications have been indispensable in getting our story out to the industry.

Ultimately, our client relationships are our most prolific. Satisfied clients speak volumes.

We welcome candid discussion about industry relationships and strategic alliances. Contact us.