AQS Asset Management, LLC (AQS) is a privately-held limited liability company, where each of our partners is a full-time, active participant at the firm.


  • Is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) reporting to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Has no shareholders or other outsiders to answer to
  • Is exclusively involved in asset management and committed to continuing that objectivity
  • Is independent

Our clients benefit from:

  • Empowerment - The AQS relationship enables clients to leverage human capital
  • Focus - Client-centric. AQS is under no mandate from outside ownership
  • Objectivity - AQS does not have investment banking relationships with the
    companies in which we invest
  • Philosophy - AQS' goals are closely aligned with that of our clients
  • Continuity - AQS' investment teams remain intact for the long term

Our partners and associates benefit from:

  • Shared growth with our clients
  • Focus - A singular focus allows us to master our craft
  • Incentive - Shared success through innovation and initiative