Our Firm - History

AQS was conceived in the early 1990s when the confluence of data and technology presented an opportunity to serve the needs of institutional investors seeking a robust and tractable portfolio management solution built on a framework of technology and real-time data.

Market volatility and product competition, at the time, combined to create an insurance marketplace skewed towards larger insurers with the resources and personnel dedicated to the task of concurrently optimizing portfolio returns while adequately funding liabilities. Even with these resources, portfolio metrics were limited to the index-centric which frequently does not correlate with business unit profitability against which management is evaluated. See our case study for one such example.

AQS began with the task of solving this complex data/technology problem by developing proprietary business model platforms PALM (Precision Asset Liability Management) and PERM (Portfolio Excess Return Management). Both were developed internally and with guidance from the University of Texas at Austin Department of Computational Finance and they employ linear-program based business modeling.

Today, AQS executes this technology with experience and expertise to achieve

Success by Design.