Access is the key to transparency and transparency is the key to competitive execution.

The investor that relies on a small contingent of dealers does not see the bulk of the market. Increased access to the dealer community leads to increased risk-adjusted return but requires more time. Access requires time and effort.

Does your portfolio manager enjoy unlimited access to markets? Some common conflicts that limit access include:

  • Ownership accrues to the benefit of independence. Is ownership actively involved in the operation? Does your representative report to management or ownership?

  • Conflict comes in many forms. From trade execution and allocation to soft-dollar arrangements and directed trades, clients expect advisors to put client interests first. As advisors, we owe the client undivided objectivity.

  • Independence accrues to the benefit of access. Unconstrained, access is unlimited and one reason insurers choose outside management. Is your advisor independent or constrained in some way?

  • Focus, too, drives access. The competitive world of institutional investment requires specialists with ready access to markets and information, technology and support.

AQS focuses exclusively on insurers, is independent and owned by employees. We've got your access.