AQS supports investment portfolio accounting to suit client needs:

  • As the point of contact and reference for in-house accounting
  • As a liaison between the client and one of many outsourcing solutions
  • As a turn-key solution for quarterly and annual financial statement filiing among other reporting requirements

Accounting support includes:

  • Settlements and exceptions
  • Custodial reconciliations
  • Corporate actions
  • Cash on hand net of commitments
  • Trailing reinvestment rates
  • RBC, AVR, IMR, and OTTI treatment
  • SVO classifications
  • Management Discussion and Analysis
  • Predictive modeling and profit objective support
  • Daily interaction with third party market data providers
  • Interpretation, guidance, and reaction to regulatory changes

Highly seasoned, our professional staff stays abreast of changes in the regulatory environment by maintaining professional certifications and ongoing continuing education