Predictive Modeling

As the fiscal year progresses, management requires essential feedback to determine whether profit objectives are being met.

AQS professionals have a core competency in business modeling. It is this capability that enables our representatives to convey complex metrics in a fashion easily understood by directors, executive management and staff. As these capabilities are constantly evolving, some examples include:

  • Ongoing product margin analysis
  • Trailing reinvestment metrics give management a hands-on sense of prevailing interest rates as it applies to their risk tolerance
  • Forward reinvestment projections and their effect on core portfolio metrics
  • Our "portfolio blueprint" capabilities demonstrate expected results before management even embraces the strategy
  • RBC and BCAR reverse engineering provides management with the salient variables to achieve regulatory benchmarks with precision
  • Forward-looking cash flow and interest rate stress tests to assess liquidity in adverse financial markets

"Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be" - John Wooden