Investment Accounting and Reporting

Reported financial results is how AQS measures the success of its strategy and execution. For this very critical metric, AQS provides investment accounting and reporting services to our asset management clients by employing leading portfolio accounting systems. Importantly, AQS' in-house expertise is paired with professionals representing each selected vendor to obtain consistent results combined with timely knowledge of regulations and a deep understanding of software architecture.

Ultimately, these results serve to adjust the investment strategy - an optimal strategy that doesn't accrue the expected benefit to the bottom line is suboptimal.

Accounting and Regulatory Services

Required reporting services include the following itemized as well others as required for compliance, audit and regulation:


  • Daily transaction processing and settlement
  • Daily interaction with third-party market data providers
  • Daily asset reconciliation with custodian banks
  • Interpretation, guidance and reaction to regulatory changes
  • Timely and accurate statement compilation and submission
  • Proprietary reporting for IMR/AVR/OTTI and product P/L
  • Regular performance assessment and iterative process adjustments
  • Data transparency by way of any electronic media including our client portal
  • Access to all levels of staff within accounting & reporting

Our integrated approach to developing fundamental accounting and portfolio analytical detail satisfies other investment data reporting obligations such as A.M. Best Supplemental Rating Questionnaires (SRQs), Risk Based Capital (RBC), regulatory cash flow testing, and rating agency inquiries.